What is missing from Ellen DeGeneres’ life? She is incredibly famous, massively wealthy, has children that adore her, a beautiful wife who loves her, fans that admire her and a whole host of celebrity friends to add to her Hollywood status.

It seems that as extensive as this list is, Ellen still has space for a young royal baby. This little darling being the new royal in the long line of British royals, Archie.

We all know that kids love Ellen, it seems that little Archie is not exempt from her dazzling charms.

Archie according to Ellen

The 61-year-old talk show host and comedian is all set to launch a new season of the show that shares her name.

It was during the promo for the said new season where she took the opportunity to delight fans with the new friend she made over the holidays.

During the summer, Ellen took a trip to the UK where she was surprised with a visit from the world’s favorite Anglo-American Royal Couple. Accompanied by Harry and Megan was their little boy Archie.

DeGeneres was able to spend some quality bonding time with the baby. Apparently, the little boy already has more hair than Ellen herself and is the spitting image of his father.

A royal coupling

While Ellen could not talk enough about Archie, even managing to a funny pun regarding his weight in pounds and the dollar exchange rate, she also had a bit to say about her and Portia’s plans with the royal couple.

Megan and Harry have taken it upon themselves to aid in the fight for the conservation of Elephants in Botswana.

This has proven to be intriguing to Ellen and Portia who hold close to their hearts the plight of gorillas in Rwanda. According to Ellen, the 4 have grand plans to combine their efforts in a future conservation venture.

Ellen stands by her friends

The British royal family is constantly in the spotlight. They may live charmed lives but being in service to the public they are bound to and by the people. As such their lives are under far more scrutiny than your average celebrity.

Megan and Harry have taken quite a bit of heat since their marriage, on topics ranging from alleged feuds between them and other members of the royal household to their choice to charter private jets while vacationing in Europe.

Ellen has publicly gone against the latter of these criticisms by saying that the couple is trying to do good in the world and as such should not be attacked for every action.

Royals are people too

People are quick to believe that celebrities and royalty are not like average folk. They do not live the life that regular people do so how can the be considered normal?

This is yet another point where Ellen has spoken up. She thinks that Megan and Harry are simply delightful people who do not place themselves above the rest of society.

According to her, the couple is both down-to-earth and completely adorable.