No one should lose their cat. But sometimes the inevitable happens, and your cat has to be put down. For some, their purr-babies just disappear and never come back home. Even worse, many see their cats die in accidents in real-time.

The grief can prove hard to get over. For those that decide to replace their cat with a new one, it gets even harder. Is it possible to love a new cat after losing one?

Dealing with the grief

Death comes with loads of grief for the affected parties. For many cat owners, dealing with grief comes in many forms. Some decide to turn away from cats altogether; the cause of their grief in the first place.

Others decide to get a new cat instead; facing grief with its cause. For those that decide to get a new cat, some decide to get one almost immediately. Others prefer to wait a bit to feel ready for the replacement.

Should you get another cat?

It’s not always a popular opinion, but getting a new cat after losing another is a very positive step in fighting your pet grief. One question remains: should you really get a new cat? The answer depends on a few factors.

Do you feel ready to replace your old cat? You should only do so if you feel ready enough. For the most part, experts recommend that anyone who’s lost a cat get a new one.

It’s not only a source of renewed happiness, but it also fills the new void. In the long run, a new cat helps you forget and get over the one you lost. A cat is always a good companion, especially if you’ve been depending a lot on the dead one.

Dealing with the guilt

Getting a cat should be a moment of joy and anticipation. But for many cat owners that have lost their cat, it’s more a moment of guilt than happiness. Pet bereavement experts say it’s a natural feeling, one that comes about as a result of feelings of loyalty and love to the fallen pet.

The downside is that these feelings make cat owners feel guilty about getting a new cat to replace the dead or lost one. Many pet owners report feeling a sense of wrongdoing when they try to replace their dead pet; that it would be disloyal in a way.

How do you do deal with the guilt? By getting another cat, experts say. If you really feel like getting another cat to fill the gap you feel, then it’s right to go ahead and get one. You’ll also be helping out; there are millions of cats in shelters that need homes.

Could you love the new cat?

Once the guilt fades, loving a new cat is very possible. In fact, you can guarantee it will happen. Cats are too cute to dislike for long.

Getting another Cat

Once you work up the courage to get a new cat, expect a flurry of emotions. It might not feel right just then; many cat owners feel strange around the new cat. But you’ll learn to warm up around the cat and love it. Consider giving your second chance to a homeless cat in a shelter somewhere. Your dead cat would approve.