It may be the 21st century, but that does not mean that we have left our dreams of princes and princesses behind. Call it childish if you will, but there is still something magical and fantastical about the royals.
It seems that one of the younger members of the British Family agrees with this idea. Little Princess Charlotte does not only live a magical life she is also quite a fan of the magical creatures that fill the fairy-tale books we had growing up.
More specifically, Charlotte has been seen sporting unicorn accessories on more than one occasion.

Where did the magic begin?

In July Princes William and Harry took part in a charity polo match. This match turned out to be a thoroughly star-studded event as their family came along to support and cheer the two on.
It was here that Charlotte was first spotted with an intriguing little coin purse. About a month after the event, Prince George celebrated his 6th birthday which was marked by the Irish Guards releasing a photo of the family.
In the center of the picture is Charlotte holding a unicorn purse whilst sneaking a smile at the big and hairy canine mascot of the 1st Irish Battalion.

The unicorn reappears

Kensington Palace recently released a video documenting Charlotte’s first day of school. This day had all the pomp and circumstance that one expects, but there was a sequenced addition that people where not expecting.
On closer inspection of Charlottes, backpack viewers were delighted to see yet another unicorn in the Princesses collection.
Her father, Prince William has even made comments on the topic saying that is daughter is totally in love with unicorns and that he does not find it strange at all. In fact, William thinks that the whole thing is cool.

Three times equals a trend

To mark the launch of a texting service whose sole aim is to assist first responders in their duties, Prince William paid a royal visit to Harcomb House.
This visit was set to coincide with 999 days. An annual holiday in the UK referring to the ninth hour of the ninth day, failing on the ninth month which is dedicated to the celebration of emergency service workers.
During this visit, William joined up with his children and Dan Bills. It was here where Charlotte was spotted yet again having fun with unicorn paraphernalia.
It is no longer a coincidence; the Princess definitively loves unicorns as much as the hordes of millennials sipping on unicorn Frappuccinos.

A royal without the expensive tastes

The British royal family is not only born with blue blood, but they are also born with access to a seemingly endless supply of money.
This has generally translated into impeccable fashion choices and can you really blame them? Iven half the chance we would all opt for designer over knockoff.
Charlotte may very well grow into her designer-clad roots but for now, she is content with a cute color changing, sequenced, unicorn keychain that costs less than $10.